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Intrigue is a Toronto-based WordPress designer with 7 years development experience. Our project experience with WordPress provides clients with flexibility in design, and cost efficiency in project completion. Our WordPress designers are available to create new themes, or implement existing WordPress assets for single site and multi site installations.

About WordPress

WordPress was originally developed in 2003 as a blog software and has since grown to incorporate a variety of other website topologies from full blown CMS systems to specific homegrown uses such as brochure sites, product micro sites, one-off shell sites and feature rich e-commerce sites.

WordPress may be small in size, but due to its ease of use and cost efficient development framework it enjoys a wide reaching scope. Organizations that have employed the use of WordPress now include CNN, Forbes, Sony, VW and many more.

With over 25 million websites using WordPress it is by and far, the worlds most popular content management system (CMS). There are a variety of reasons for its popularity. Most notably, it is simple, easy to learn, easy to manage, and has a large number of developers able to provide free WordPress themes and templates.

Developers such as ourselves enjoy WordPress because it is simple to install and maintain, while benefiting end-users such as yourself with a simple and intuitive interface.

WordPress Benefits

  1. Ease of use
    • WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems to use, even for people with little to no technical abilities
    • Routine tasks are made simple, such as adding new content, images, videos, and text
  2. Plug-ins.
    • WordPress has an extensive selection of plug-ins that can enhance your website
  3. Scalable
    • As your business grows WordPress will grow with you
    • No need to change platforms as your business takes off
  4. SEO friendly platform
    • Out of the box WordPress has a good framework for search engines
    • With a few important changes by our SEO experts it's even better
  5. Social Media
    • WordPress supports a variety of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  6. Support & Maintenance
    • WordPress is one of the few CMS systems that can be maintained, updated and kept secure by you or your staff

WordPress Integrates with Existing Websites

Customers who already have an existing website can leverage WordPress designs for micro sites, events, or as their all-in-one blog solution. Our WordPress designers will ensure the transition from your existing site to your WordPress site is seamless and brand compatible.

Conversely, if you wish to have your existing site ported to WordPress our software engineers can migrate all your existing content into a fresh WordPress installation and updated design. We can also use your existing design if preferred.

Best of all, the move to WordPress will provide you or your staff with an intuitive interface to keep your site up-to-date while allowing your organization flexibility in providing additional site features moving forward.

Custom WordPress Theme Design

If there is no current design, or it is out of date, we can design and develop custom WordPress themes or templates. All of our WordPress designs are hand-crafted and tailored specific to your brand, site, service and product requirements.

Have a look at our portfolio to see some example of our website designs.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Currently WordPress has over 18,000 different free plugins available - that's a lot of selection! If these plugins don't meet your specific requirements, Intrigue Design can develop a plugin specific to your needs. Our custom development can provide any feature you can dream up for just about any aspect of your project.

Similar Solutions to WordPress

Do you like WordPress but need a little more from your software? Need something like WordPress, but on steroids?

For more complicated projects, or projects that will undergo significant growth in the first 12 to 36 months we recommend the use of Drupal. To read more about Drupal please visit our Drupal CMS page.

Website Design Highlights

Red Door underwent a successful redesign, Gifts Giving and Drupal system overhaul. The result is a friendly, intuitive and content-rich site that's super easy to update.

Event-centric, theme appropriate, clean, organized and with a focus on donations.  What more could you ask for from a fundraising site?

Chef Events launched with a mouth watering design that's almost as tasty as the treats the chefs it represents create.

With a growing marketplace for precious metals in these turbulent times, bullion dealers are at the forefront of sales in a very competitive marketplace.