RPNAO Career Directions Module

RPNAO Career Development Module in Drupal

We helped create an online Career Development module that allows nurses to assess their career direction and plan for their future.

Career development is a continuous process requiring individuals to understand the environment in which they live and work, assess their own strengths and limitations, articulate their personal career vision, develop a plan for the future and then market themselves to help achieve that plan.

For RPNAO, the Career development modules include video, supplemental documentation and advice to enable nurses to walk through each of eight modules.

To ensure nurses get the most from the program we built a method for collecting nurses interested in participating in a webinar, allowing staff to export requests and confirm attendance.  In addition, nurses that participate in the online modules are able to provide their feedback and suggestions so that the model can be improved and revised moving forward.  

With the entire system housed in Drupal, changes to documentation can be made immediately, content can be updated on a moments notice, and the videos are able to be swapped as needed.  Form submissions for feedback, suggestions and webinar registrations are able to be exported, reviewed, edited and removed using Drupal's form management software.

While this program is specific to nurses, the career directions model is a useful exercise for anyone that would like to asses their current work environment and plan for self-improvement moving forward.

Begin your assessment by starting at the Welcome module.

URL: http://www.rpnao.org

Website Design Highlights

The NADbank website was redesigned to coincide with the launch of the 2011 Readership Study.  

Event-centric, theme appropriate, clean, organized and with a focus on donations.  What more could you ask for from a fundraising site?

ALS Canada updated their website and moved from Microsoft to Drupal 7. Site updates now take half the time, allowing staff to update the site twice as often.

ALSBC re-launched their website with a slick design, strong message and simpler content management solution.